Anthem - PS4


Game to play as a primary user in your playstation console. We will install you the game and you will play with your user. 

Audio: Unknown. Subtitle: Unknown.

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Anthem is a video game developed by Bioware and produced by Electronic Arts. It is the new license developed by BioWare and Electronic Arts and is presented as an action RPG where we will travel an enormous world that mixes the most advanced technology with the ruins of an ancient civilization, where we will have to fight against numerous enemies, wild beasts and looters and cope with the inclement weather like brutal storms.

The main characters will be the so-called Freelancers, intrepid explorers who have abandoned the comforts of civilization to enter the most unknown places. These will fight encased in the Javelin, exotrajes equipped with weapons and unique skills that we can go personalizing with the team that we find or manufacture in the game.

In a large shared open world, we can play cooperatively online with up to 4 players, to explore ancient ruins and discover a way to end those who threaten to conquer humanity.

Teamwork will be essential as the rewards we get will also benefit the rest of the team, however, for lovers of single player modes, we can also enjoy this adventure alone.

The exploration acquires a great sense in this game because thanks to exotrajes, we can explore the earth, fly through the air and submerge in seas and rivers to discover the secrets of the depths.

This dangerous world will be full of enemies and beasts and we will have to face threats related to climate changes like brutal storms.