Terms and conditions of use

Rule 0

By registering at this website you become a member of our Game Share Club, it is for free.

Rule 1

It is forbidden to use this website in a different way than the one stated expressly. 

Rule 2

It is forbidden to manipulate data and settings of game users shared by Gamealia.

Rule 3

As long as the service we provide is just sharing our games, the fee users pay for games acquisition, maintenance and installations cannot be refunded using right of return since it is a digital service. This rule applies regardless you played the game or not. It is customer responsibility to check his system fulfils the requirements to use our games.

Rule 4

We share our digital video games and you can play in your video console. Remember we do not sell accounts, you pay a maintenance fee so we can share with you, but you will not own the games nor the shared data. It is possible that you cannot activate our game account as primary, we will not refund for this reason.

Rule 5

Forever warranty applies to all our games, except if you delete the user containing the game or if you close the game user session in Playstation Network.

Rule 6

After paying for the right of use of some game, you will have to follow this protocol so we can install you the game:

- Create a new user

- Accept the Terms and then Next.

- Enter the following data:

 ID Log In / Email: (we will provide it)

 Password: (we will provide it)

*Note: This account does not content any game, it is only a mean to create an account with the game in your ps4.

- Verify that this account is activated as primary.

 - Enable Remote Play. Select  (Settings) > [Remote Play Connection Settings], and then select the checkbox for [Enable Remote Play].

* You need Internet upload speed of at least 5 Mbps (15 Mbps recommended).

 - Go to settings, set features available in rest mode, and activate “stay connected on the internet” and “enable turning on ps4 from network”.

 - Leave ps4 in rest mode if you are not going to use it and, if possible, connected to internet with cable.

 - Email us back when you are done and send us a photo where it appears both your console serial number and your identity card or passport, and we will install the game remotely as soon as possible.

- Once the game user is installed, we will email you so you can download it from “purchased” section in the library. Then, it will only remain to wait for the download to complete and you will be able to play, always following next rules:

 Rule 7

Rules for using shared accounts:

If you are going to play offline (history or similar modes), please disconnect Internet connection (settings, network and disable “Connect to the Internet”), it will allow you to play for 1 hour approximately. Then, when the game gets closed, you can reconnect to internet for a few seconds until the lock disappears, disconnect again internet and continue playing at the same point. This will not work with online play, only with story modes and similar.

To do a proper use of the accounts will avoid that Sony temporaly limits use of this game in your PS4 for some days. For it, do not to reopen the session at the same time another user gets in, please wait for 10 minutes if you are going to play offline, or 1 hour if you are going to play online

Additionately, if you activated your system as primary, you could play directly offline without any kind of interruption.

Please bear in mind that our games are shared with other users apart from you, so it is possible that you have to wait to use the content.

Rule 8


You have the right at any time to access the data you have provided to our site. To receive a copy of your personal data please contact us by clicking here! We will answer you as soon as possible.


You have the right to change any personal information contained in the "my account" page. For any further queries regarding the rectification and/or cancellation of your personal data, please contact us by clicking here! We will answer you as soon as possible.